Cyber Security

We will inform to you regarding our Penetration Test Reports. We’ll find your Cyber Security before someone else did.


Steps To Take When You want the Best Cyber Security Implementation.

Recently, we have couple of testing which is linkedin and Google adsense.

You must take carefully their terms and condition.

We recommend to use your face profile on your linkedin instead of your logo an never share your website on someone post (Spam website).

Always monitor what your systems is running properly or not.

Never use your logo on linkedin

Never comments on someone linkedin with your website/url

Never click your google adsense on your site

Never request your friends to click your adsense

Always monitor your website


Preventing Hackers/Crackers from accessing your Productions Environment

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What People Are Saying

Pak Andro is my senior colleague in PointStar. We didn’t work in the same division but we have worked in the same project a few times. As a support engineer, Pak Andro is man with knowledge and experience, he has solutions to everything, loyal to the company and very helpful to the customer. He communicates very well and always give good advice.

Saskia (Chairunnisa) Anggun

Account Executive, GTN Data Center at PT Multipolar Technology Tbk

Andro is worked with me when I was in struggling for a product development career in one of Singaporean company. He is an amazing enterprise performance IT enterprise consultant. I would recommend Andro for all strategy and performance consultancy and training work! Good luck comrades!

Riandi Subhan Zubir

Enterprise Account Manager, Cloud Ace JAPAC

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